Corporate Social Responsibility
In line with Angkasa Pura II`s mission as airport services management and air traffic service that priorities the flight safety and customer satisfaction and with the framework of the effort to give optimum advantage to shareholder, working partners, employee, community and environment with holding the business ethics, so Angkasa Pura II realizes the importance of cooperation amount the company, community and environment. Angkasa Pura II realizes that it be because of the people and for the people, therefore, some of the corporate benefits will be returned to the people as the form of corporate social responsibility. The form of corporate social responsibility is directed to overcome the social problem, digging the resources, educate and attempt to behaviour change and attempt to the attainment of people welfare in which at the end it will constitute a sustainable harmony between Angkasa Pura and the People.

As an actualization of Angkasa Pura II success in implementation of CSR Program in 2010, Angkasa Pura II gains some appreciations among others "PKBL BUMN Award" category of Role Model educator and appreciation on "INACRAFT AWARD" as the Best Prize Category Natural Fibers.

On behalf of Directors, we say our gratitude and the highest appreciation to all Angkasa Pura II Shareholder and Board of Commissioners on their given direction and advisory. We also say our gratitude and appreciation to customers, business partners and other stakeholders on their contribution so that Angkasa Pura II is able to maintain its reputation as a Reliable airport services company.

Lastly, we say our gratitude to all levels of employees on their dedication, high loyalty, togetherness spirit and work hard and the willingness to give the best for Angkasa Pura II.